Space St. Croix has some big goals for the 2016-17 school year. This past year we reached around students at:

  • Houlton Elementary – classroom presentation and stargazing event
  • Hudson Middle School – STEM Night
  • North Hudson Elementary – classroom presentation
  • St. Patricks School – classroom presentation
  • Willow River Elementary – classroom presentation
  • Hudson High School – Space Club and Penny for NASA

We hope to reach all 5,000+ students in Hudson in the 2016-2017 school year, with more speakers, presentations and cool and inspirational space info to hand out to every student. We will be holding public events for the community during National Space Day with events within Hudson in addition programs we create for the schools.

Space St. Croix is also exploring local grants from groups that support our goals to bring the wonders of space to all students in Hudson. We hope this will allow Space St. Croix to continue offering this annual programming that proved so successful with our pilot program in 2015.

The support from the community has been amazing, and we hope to be able to offer amazing experiences in the years to come. We thank you.